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Asian American-Founded Company Joins Elite Group of Eco-Friendly Companies

Cropmade, the innovative company behind the environmentally sustainable chopsticks called Cropsticks, recently became a Certified B Corporation.

To be granted B Corporation certification, a company must go through an extensive vetting process which determines its commitment to be environmentally and socially responsible. There are currently over 2,750 certified B Corporations across 150 industries in 64 countries, including companies like Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s. 

Traditional Chinese Papermaker Needs 400 Gallons of Young Boys’ Pee to Make Quality Paper

In preparation for China’s massive online shopping extravaganza next month, a local traditional papermaker has been busy obtaining a key ingredient in his paper products: young boys’ pee.

The man, surnamed Li, is hoping he can gather enough urine before Singles’ Day (Guanggun Jie), the world’s largest offline and online shopping day held in China on November 11.