Asian American-Founded Company Joins Elite Group of Eco-Friendly Companies

Asian American-Founded Company Joins Elite Group of Eco-Friendly CompaniesAsian American-Founded Company Joins Elite Group of Eco-Friendly Companies
Cropmade, the innovative company behind the environmentally sustainable chopsticks called Cropsticks, recently became a Certified B Corporation.
To be granted B Corporation certification, a company must go through an extensive vetting process which determines its commitment to be environmentally and socially responsible. There are currently over 2,750 certified B Corporations across 150 industries in 64 countries, including companies like Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s. 
Cropmade, which focuses on sustainability and deforestation, gained an impressive score of 98.9, well over the minimum requirement of becoming a Certified B Corp. 
According to Cropmade founder Mylen Yamamoto, while she personally believed her business was doing everything possible to do good for the environment and her stakeholders, there was no true way of knowing until going through the certification.  
She noted that B Corporation certification also “gives our customers peace of mind when purchasing our products.”
Yamamoto, who appeared on Shark Tank last year but failed to get a deal with any of the “sharks,” attributed their current success in the marketplace with their first product, Cropsticks. Yamamoto led a successful Kickstarter campaign for Cropsticks back in 2016 that launched her venture.
Following the success of its bamboo-made chopsticks with a built-in rest, the company released its biodegradable drinking straws earlier this year. 
The firm announced their bamboo straws on social media back in April as the “newest #greeninitiative in the Cropmade family.”
“This plastic-free straw is made from natural bamboo fiber and is 100% biodegradable. It’s better for the environment, but keeps its shape unlike soggy paper alternatives,” according to the company.
You can snag your own pairs of Cropsticks or Bamboo Straw by visiting Cropmade.
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