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BTS Constantly Gets Called ‘Ladyboys’, And It’s Usually By Pathetic White Guys

Over the last few years, BTS has grown into an international sensation, amassing hundreds of thousands of fans reaching far beyond the scope of Asia. Being international sensations, however, has opened the boys up to unsolicited criticisms and furthermore, placed them under the scrutiny of the western gaze.

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s impossible to deny that BTS has done wonders for Asian representation worldwide. The boys have proudly spoken up about self-love in front of the UN, redefined Asian male representation, graced the cover of Times magazine, and brought the world of K-pop to the international spotlight as few acts have done in the past.

Steven Yeun Opens Up About Asian Masculinity in Hollywood

Former “The Walking Dead” cast member and lead of the upcoming Korean thriller movie “Burning,” Steven Yeun, recently talked about the issue of Asian masculinity in Hollywood and shared his thoughts about where it currently stands – and things got pretty real.

While speaking to GQ, the 34-year-old actor went on to talk about how Asians should “trust the process” no matter how imperfect the delivery system would seem. Yeun likened the recent success of “Crazy Rich Asians” to the breakout performances of NBA player Jeremy Lin in 2012, highlighting, in particular, his last-second game-winning three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors.

How Asian Guys Can Start Winning and Be More Attractive to Women

Editor’s Note: Kevin Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American blogger. The views expressed in this piece are solely his own.

Have you ever wondered why Asian men are seen as unattractive in Anglo Saxon countries? It’s because we are minorities in a larger pool of people. It’s high school all over again and the kids who came first have a louder voice and sit at the cool table at lunch. It’s also tough on Asian Americans because of America’s history of war with Asian countries which perpetuate hate towards Asians, which is a whole separate discussion.

‘Asian Bachelorette’ is the BEST Thing on the Internet Right Now

Throughout “The Bachelorette’s” 13 seasons, there have been only four Asian men featured on the reality show. Of the four, NONE of them have ever made it past the first round.

This is problematic because it adds into the stereotype that Asian men are undesirable. While it’s great that there’s more inclusion, the limited screen time they get makes it seems like Asian contestants are there simply to fulfill a diversity quota.

Adult Actress Dolly Leigh Reveals That She Wants More Asian Men in Porn

Dolly Leigh, 25 year old adult actress and avid gamer, is no stranger to the spotlight – having been in the industry for a few years, she’s had her share of screen time. So she’s used to putting herself out there and fans are accustomed to seeing all angles of her.

Despite this, netizens were surprised, some even charmed, by a recent tweet on representation in the adult film industry.

Asian Men Endure a Unique Type of Racism (and Why Asian Women Shouldn’t Ignore it)

Editor’s Note: Natalie Ng is a Biochem graduate student living with her husband and dog on the east coast. Her interests include blogging, biking, and Asian activism. The views expressed in this piece is solely her own.

While we wish for it to be a thing in the past, unfortunately, we can all agree that in this day and age, racism still exists and if we were to learn anything from Trump’s election, it exists in large amounts. What we often times don’t agree on, however, is what constitutes as racism. Consequently, it’s not a surprise when some forms of racism goes under heavy scrutiny while others simply get ignored or worse, brushed off as a joke. 

Jeremy Lin Reveals a Sad Truth About Asian Men That’s Rarely Talked About

Jeremy Lin has become a world-wide superstar since starting the whole “Linsanity” craze back in 2012. Since then, there’s probably no Asian American who doesn’t know who he is.

With Asian males constantly emasculated in mainstream media, Lin shatters these stereotypes with his continued success in the NBA. However, his accomplishments have not come without challenges and hardship. Even to this day, Lin says he needs to convince security guards he’s a player when he enters the gym on game day.

Meet the Beautiful Playboy Playmate Who ONLY Dates Asian Men

It’s no secret that Asian males are constantly emasculated when it comes to mainstream media — they’re usually portrayed as nerds or martial artists at best.

Even when they do get lead roles like Jet Li in “Romeo Must Die” or Chow Yun-Fat in “The Replacement Killers”, they don’t get intimate with the lead actresses like white actors often do. Acclaimed Asian-American actor Aki Aleong once noted that after being in the business for 60 years, he had never kissed a girl onscreen.