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‘I failed as a leader’: Asian Boss Founder Reveals Nearly Half of Remaining Employees Resigned

YouTube channel Asian Boss recently updated fans on the #SaveAsianBoss GoFundMe campaign with founder Stephen Park revealing further issues that the media company is facing. 

Despite the campaign’s massive success in raising over $750,000, Park revealed in a recent video that Asian Boss has not yet received the funds due to financial regulations in Korea and that nearly half of the remaining employees resigned as morale sank. He went on to accept full responsibility for what happened, claiming that he “pushed people too hard.” 

Simu Liu Responds to Chinese Fans Who Say He’s ‘Too Ugly’ to Play Shang-Chi

simu liu

Asian Canadian actor Simu Liu opened up to the Facebook group “subtle asian traits” to express his thoughts on a recent video released by popular YouTube channel Asian Boss

In the video, host Tony conducted a man-on-the-street interview, asking random Chinese people if Liu was “too ugly” to be the lead for “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” Marvel’s first Asian-led superhero movie. 

Korean Grandma Survives By Earning $2 a Day Collecting Boxes for Over 14 Hours


A video showing the life of an 82-year-old woman collecting recyclable boxes for more than 14 hours a day in exchange for $2 has shed light on the extent of poverty among the elderly in South Korea.

As most media highlight Korea’s technological prowess and world-class entertainment, little is heard about the nation’s struggling senior citizens, who often find themselves working late hours even at their advanced age.