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Fans Figured Out the Hidden Meaning of Randall Park’s Band in ‘Always Be My Maybe’

Netflix romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe” is chock full of awesomeness thanks to the witty writing by the film’s co-stars/co-writers Ali Wong and Randall Park.

Among the movie’s memorable parts include the scenes with Park’s fictional band “Hello Peril,” which gifted viewers with unforgettable tracks such as “Hello,” “Tennis Ball” and the post-credit bonus “I Punched Keanu Reeves.”

Awkward Car Sex Scene In ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Was Basically How Randall Park Lost His Virginity

“Always Be My Maybe” star Randall Park revealed that the car sex scene he shared with Ali Wong in the film was actually based on his first time.

The memorable scene, which shows Park’s character Marcus having awkward sex with Wong’s character Sasha in his car, is among the earlier scenes in the film that establish their relationship when they were younger.