Awkward Car Sex Scene In ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Was Basically How Randall Park Lost His Virginity

Awkward Car Sex Scene In ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Was Basically How Randall Park Lost His Virginity

June 3, 2019
“Always Be My Maybe” star Randall Park revealed that the car sex scene he shared with Ali Wong in the film was actually based on his first time.
The memorable scene, which shows Park’s character Marcus having awkward sex with Wong’s character Sasha in his car, is among the earlier scenes in the film that establish their relationship when they were younger.
In the film, Wong plays a celebrity chef while Park plays a struggling musician who still lives with his father. Once childhood sweethearts, the pair parted ways in their teens and then happen to come across each other 15 years later.
Reflecting on their intimate moment from 2003, Sasha comments that, “it might be even smaller and grosser than I remember.”
Marcus replied, “you better still be talking about my back seat!”
Park would later reveal in an interview with Vulture that it was his own experience that made it to the movie’s script.
Park recalled that in 1993, during his first year at UCLA, he and his high-school girlfriend decided to lose their virginities at the back of his Toyota Corolla in a parking lot.
“I have letters that we sent to each other building it up, like, ‘This is gonna be so special, and it’s gonna be great,’ ” he was quoted as saying. “And it was just horrible. It didn’t last long. It was clumsy. I remember afterward thinking, It was supposed to be so much more than that.”
According to Park, they went to McDonald’s immediately after. “We went to McDonald’s, and the moment that I remember is us just standing there, staring at the menu, and me feeling, Oh my God, I’m a piece of shit.”
Since it premiered on Netflix a few days ago, the rom-com has been getting a lot of positive feedback from both film critics and casual fans alike. This should not come as a surprise seeing as in addition to the star power attached to the project, the film also has a hilarious script penned by the two main leads.  
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