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British Man Claims to Survive Only On Air, Sunlight and Mints

A 38-year-old man from Birkenhead, U.K. claims to be a “breatharian,” or a practitioner of the belief that one can survive on nothing but air and sunlight, Mirror reported.

Khai Ho, a pizza delivery man, says he’s never felt hunger. In fact, thanks to his dedication to Hindu meditation, Ho can get by without food altogether, as he reportedly possesses the ability to absorb all the necessary nutrients for survival through air and sunlight alone.

China is Now Arresting People for Contributing to Air Pollution

Beijing’s new “smog squad” on Monday detained a Mentougou District heating company employee surnamed Zhao for “suspected malpractice that had resulted in excess emission of pollutants in the air.”

The worker has become the first person in Beijing to be locked up for causing air pollution under the Environmental Protection Law, which China adopted in the beginning of 2015.

Bags Of Fresh Air Go on Sale in Chinese Mall and People are Actually Buying Them

A shopping mall in China had a huge surprise for its customers on Monday by selling bargain-priced “fresh air”. The bargained bags of air were sold in Xi’an, a city rated as having “moderate” air pollution, but exceeds the WHO safety standard of 25 micrograms by 40 micrograms.

Eager customers flocked to the stall selling bags of fresh air for just 1 yuan ($.15) per bag, according to Tencent (via Shanghaiist). While the sellers didn’t specify where the air was actually from, it must be gathered from somewhere with less pollution than the Shaanxi Province capital.