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Air Force Academy Encourages New Cadets to Read George Takei’s ‘They Called Us Enemy’

Air Force Academy

The U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) has given out copies of George Takei’s 2019 graphic memoir to new cadets, hoping that it helps get “our basics ready for what’s ahead.”

Why this matters: In “They Called Us Enemy,” Takei recounted his younger years in an incarceration camp during World War II when the U.S. effectively legalized racism against Japanese people.

Adoptive Father of Airman Who Died in Apparent S‌u‌‌i‌c‌‌i‌d‌‌e Pens Heartbreaking Facebook Post


A young airman stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland was found d‌e‌a‌d from an apparent s‌u‌ic‌id‌e in his home in Alexandria, Virginia on Saturday night.

Senior Airman XinHua Mesenburg reportedly di‌e‌d from what appears to be a s‌elf-inf‌li‌cte‌d g‌u‌n‌sh‌ot w‌ou‌n‌d, according to his family.

Former U.S. Airman Sentenced to 15 Years in P‌ri‌so‌n For M‌ole‌sti‌n‌g Two Orphan Boys in South Korea

A former United States senior airman has been se‌nten‌ce‌d to a 15-year p‌riso‌n term for s‌exu‌all‌y a‌bus‌in‌g two South Korean orphan boys and possessing ch‌il‌d p‌orn‌ogr‌aph‌y while stationed in South Korea.

Robert Kelgard’s case has prompted new community guidelines at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea where he was stationed between 2012 and 2013.

Taiwanese F-16 Fighter Pilot Criticized for Packing Boxes of Mochi in Jet

In a move that might make Top Gun’s Maverick smile, a mid-level officer was reported to be transporting two boxes of mochi in his cockpit, according to Taiwan News.

Air Force 401st Tactical Composite Wing Colonel Kuo Chih-hua (郭志華) was able to positively identify the officer and said that the branch would be issuing a reprimand for carrying a deemed contraband item.