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Bill Murray Shares the Best Advice Ever for Being Great at Your Job

Legendary actor and comedian Bill Murray doesn’t always just randomly share life advice, but when he does, it happens to be the best advice you can get.

In a profile on Vulture, the former Ghostbuster and voice of Garfield shared his simple secret to giving his best performances, living life, and being successful — always be super chill. That’s actually just step six our of seven in being more like Bill Murray.

Nerd Advice: How to Get Good at Dating with Science

When it comes to dating, you probably have that one douchey friend who always gives you the same advice: “It’s just a numbers game bro.” But your friend doesn’t understand things from your point of view. You’re different from him. You can’t just go out there and hit on every girl willy nilly. You have standards… It’s too dark in the club to see her face.  It’s too creepy to ask out a complete stranger. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re kind of being a bitch right now. Having standards and hitting on more girls to increase your chances are not mutually exclusive. With 7 billion people in the world, I’m sure that there are more girls out there that meet your standards than you have time to talk to. So it’s quite possible that maybe your douchey friend is right and…

It actually is a numbers game.

If you ever worked in sales, you’d know that if you make more cold calls, you’d book more appointments. And if you book more appointments, you’d close more deals. Dating is kind of the exact same thing. Except instead of making cold calls, you’re getting numbers, and instead of going on appointments, you’re going on dates, and instead of closing deals, you’re closing deals.  So by that logic, why wouldn’t you put yourself out there and ask more girls out? Well, probably because it’s a lot easier said than done. Guys don’t like to admit it, but it’s pretty nerve-wracking to put yourself in a position to get rejected by a girl you just met. But, it becomes a whole lot easier if you just…

11 Ways to Get Important People to Take You Seriously When You’re a ‘Nobody’

One of the biggest struggles for our generation in the business world is to be taken seriously. Being young is enough of a reason for investors and business professionals to view you as illegitimate, so naturally we must go the extra mile to prove our character and value. It’s all about the attention to detail, and every detail about yourself is crucial. Here are eleven ways you can stand above the rest and get people to take you seriously.

1. Dress better.