Stephen Chow reveals new film ‘Shaolin Women’s Soccer,’ announces casting call for ‘pretty girls’

Stephen Chow reveals new film ‘Shaolin Women’s Soccer,’ announces casting call for ‘pretty girls’
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“Shaolin Women’s Soccer” is a new installment to his 2001 classic movie “Shaolin Soccer”

June 27, 2023
Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow is looking to cast actresses as he reveals his latest film “Shaolin Women’s Soccer,” a new installment to his 2001 classic movie “Shaolin Soccer.”
The announcement: On June 22, Chow, 61, took to Instagram to share the cover page of his first draft to his new movie in a 22-second video, revealing the silhouette of a woman in a martial art pose.
“Here is my birthday wish,” Chow wrote in his caption. “To spend a good time with so many pretty girls (young, beautiful, smart, curvy, ATHLETIC). All countries are welcomed. The more the better!
“Let’s people mountain people sea, just don‘t be ugly. For those who are qualified, please send recent photos and detail info to [email protected].”
The filmmaker also warned candidates: “Photoshopping your photos will not succeed. Our team will not approve them. The United Nations will definitely not approve them as well!”
To be revealed: It is unclear whether “Shaolin Women’s Soccer” will be a sequel to the 2001 classic. Chow has yet to reveal more details about the new film.
“Shaolin Soccer”: The original “Shaolin Soccer” reportedly set box office records at the time of its release. The film also won various awards, including best picture, best director, and best actor at the 2002 Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan.
The story follows a young Shaolin follower who reunites with his brothers to form a soccer team while using their martial art skills to their advantage.
About Chow: Chow previously directed and starred as the lead in “Shaolin Soccer.” The former actor’s latest project was in 2019, when he wrote, directed and produced the film “The New King of Comedy,” a remake of his classic 1999 film “King of Comedy.”
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