Influencer overjoyed after followers help her fulfill her dream of meeting Stephen Chow

Influencer overjoyed after followers help her fulfill her dream of meeting Stephen Chow
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Bryan Ke
March 30, 2023
A Malaysian influencer was overjoyed and in “disbelief” after her followers helped her meet renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow in person.
Jenn Chia, who has over 500,000 followers on Instagram, first commented on Chow’s Feb. 9 Instagram post to ask if he would meet with her, as detailed in her recent Instagram video.
My dream is to meet you. You have been a huge part of my life and an inspiration to a lot of the videos that I create. I even learnt Cantonese from watching your movies,” Chia commented on his post.
Chia, known by her Instagram handle @SoImJenn, asked her hundreds of thousands of followers to like her comment so he would notice it.
The Malaysian influencer’s followers did not let her down, as her comment received over 1,800 likes.
Chow eventually noticed her comment and asked her, “Are you coming to Hong Kong?”
Replying to the 60-year-old former actor, Chia wrote, “Can I meet you next Saturday in Hong Kong? Even if it’s just five minutes. I’ll be so happy.”
Chia’s wish was finally granted on Friday when she and her fiancé Jon flew to Hong Kong to meet Chow.
My dream is about to happen, yo!” Chia exclaims in her Instagram video before bursting with excitement.
The meeting happened at an undisclosed restaurant, where the “Kung Fu Hustle” star treated Chia to a Teochew meal and signed her DVD copy of “Shaolin Soccer.”
Chia’s video also shows her proudly showcasing the signature she received.
I’m still in disbelief. Thank you for making my dreams come true guys,” she can be heard saying.
Chia later noted in an Instagram Story that she did not post her video immediately because she wanted to respect Chow’s privacy.
She was also waiting for the green light to share the video.
In another Instagram video, she asked her followers to send her clips to recreate an iconic scene from “Shaolin Soccer” and thank Chow for his kindness.
Chow then shared the tribute video in an Instagram Story, writing, “Happy to see you.”
Chia’s meeting with Chow was reportedly part of the Hong Kong comedy star’s #CreateWithStephen, a campaign that involves him collaborating with other online personalities.

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