First ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ image teases Michelle Yeoh’s spine-chilling Georgiou

First ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ image teases Michelle Yeoh’s spine-chilling Georgiou
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Carl Samson
15 days ago
Fans got a first glimpse of “Star Trek: Section 31” this week with a still of Michelle Yeoh as her iconic character Philippa Georgiou.
Key points:
  • The image, which was first shared by Variety, shows Yeoh’s Georgiou seemingly threatening an unknown, bald and tattooed character with a metal mohawk.
  • Section 31,” a spin-off of “Star Trek: Discovery,” is set for release on Paramount Plus, with an official date yet to be announced.

The details:
  • Variety first published the image as part of a “Star Trek” cover story that delved into the franchise’s future.
  • Shortly after, Canadian actor and filmmaker Joe Pingue came forward as the unknown character and shared the still on his Instagram page. “I can’t begin to describe what a trip it was to play in the Star Trek universe,” he noted.
  • Yeoh, 61, will play Philippa Georgiou, a ruthless emperor of the fascistic Terran Empire of the mirror universe who ends up in the prime universe in “Discovery.” There, she is granted political asylum and recruited to join Section 31.
  • In the “Star Trek” universe, Section 31 is a Starfleet Intelligence division originally tasked to protect United Earth, and later, the United Federation of Planets. Without any oversight, however, it grew to be regarded as a rogue organization whose interests and tactics have become suspect.
  • “Section 31” wrapped up filming last week. Cast member Robert Kazinsky, whose role also remains unknown, broke the news on his Instagram page, describing it as “one of the greatest experiences of my life.”
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