We Need to Talk About These Insanely Hot Taiwanese Firefighters

Who says Asian men can’t be sexy? Luckily, these handsome hunks are firefighters, you know, in case ovaries spontaneously combust.

The photos, which went viral over the weekend, are part of the New Taipei Fire Department’s 2017 calendar.

So much thirst in one picture…

I would burn my house down if it meant these guys would show up.


So, you know that new “Magic Mike” movie with all Asian men? Stop the search, these are your guys right here.

According to Buzzfeed, these firemen have been doing this calendar for 9 YEARS and we somehow haven’t noticed.

While the calendar isn’t officially for sale, you can enter to win a copy by donating to the Down Syndrome Foundation ROC and through a competition on the New Taipei Fire Department’s Facebook page.

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