Sandara Park explains why she thinks Filipinos make great dates

Sandara Park explains why she thinks Filipinos make great dates
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Park, 39, previously explained that she had chosen to stay single due to failed marriages she had seen around her

November 14, 2023
Singer and actor Sandara Park recently opened up about the possibility of herself dating a foreigner, specifically a Filipino.
What she said: Speaking to GOT7’s BamBam on his YouTube show, Park, 39, revealed that there is a “2% chance” that she could get married. In response, Bambam told the former 2ne1 member that he felt like she would not be tying the knot with a Korean.
Park said she could “match well” with a foreigner. When asked about a Filipino, she responded positively.
“Maybe,” Park replied. “Because Filipinos are very romantic.”
She also revealed that she had been asked out by “a lot” of Filipino celebrities “a long time ago.”

Romantic gestures: The K-pop star, who said she “prefers to live a celibate lifestyle,” went on to share a story about a celebrity colleague in the Philippines who was taken on a dinner date by their partner to Tagaytay, a city just south of Manila. She said they traveled to the city via a helicopter.
When asked if she felt envious, Park confessed that she did, but for non-material reasons. “It’s not the helicopter I was jealous about. It’s about the romantic side of Filipinos,” she said.
Proposing to date: Park also shared with BamBam how some Filipinos kneel when proposing a date. She observed that they ask, “Will you be my girlfriend?” and give flowers as part of the courtship.
Her dating life: In an earlier interview from this year, Park revealed that she had chosen to stay single due to the failed marriages that people around her had experienced. She also shared that YG Entertainment’s strict no-dating policy affected her dating life when she was still part of 2ne1.
“When I was a trainee, I was scolded for being in a relationship, and my manager took away my cell phone. Then after I debuted, there was a five-year dating ban,” she told Tak Jae-hoon in his YouTube show “No Back Tak Jae-hoon.”
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