Uncle Iroh actor reveals ‘heartbreaking’ storyline in ‘Avatar’ Season 2

Uncle Iroh actor reveals ‘heartbreaking’ storyline in ‘Avatar’ Season 2Uncle Iroh actor reveals ‘heartbreaking’ storyline in ‘Avatar’ Season 2
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Ryan General
April 23, 2024
Actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee has teased a heartbreaking storyline in Season 2 of Netflix’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”
Key points:
  • Lee revealed a painful separation coming for his character Uncle Iroh and Zuko, played by actor Dallas Liu.
  • While Lee said the arc will be sad for him and fans, he acknowledges the narrative benefit of exploring Iroh and Zuko’s journeys separately.
  • Liu echoed Lee’s sentiment, calling their bond the “backbone” of their scenes together in the first season.
The details:
  • The live-action series, based on the popular animated show, set viewership records when the first season dropped in February. The success has led to two more seasons on Netflix.
  • In a recent interview with The Direct, Lee lamented about the upcoming on-screen separation. “It’s gonna suck so hard,” he said. “I’ll be alone… but really good storytelling is putting people through conflict.”
  • Liu had earlier credited Lee with real-life support that translates on-screen, noting that the 51-year-old actor “was so supportive when I was feeling stress…like I think Uncle Iroh would care for Zuko…”
  • Liu said he hopes the upcoming seasons will feature strong Zuko solo moments and further develop Zuko and Azula’s rivalry.
What’s next:
  • Season 2 of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is expected in late 2024 or early 2025. The upcoming second season will cover “Book 2: Earth” arc of the animated show while the third season will adapt the events of “Book 3: Fire.”
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