Oli London says he received death threats after backtracking on reassignment surgery

Oli London says he received death threats after backtracking on reassignment surgeryOli London says he received death threats after backtracking on reassignment surgery
Carl Samson
November 28, 2022
Internet personality Oli London allegedly received online abuse
London, 32, detransitioned from identifying as a woman to a man earlier this month. However, he continues to self-identify as a Korean person.
In a previous announcement video, London shared that he had plans to go to Bangkok for penis reduction and breast implantation surgeries. But in a new interview with the Daily Star, the British-born influencer revealed that he was actually “considering removing it all together and becoming a trans woman.”
Citing God and Christianity as his reasons for detransitioning, London scrapped his surgery plans, which then allegedly led to a wave of abuse.
“I have been bombarded with abuse for the last few weeks since sharing my transition story originally on Fox News and E! News in America,” London told the Daily Star. “The abuse I received has been awful. I describe certain elements of the Trans Lobby as a ‘Cult’ because it has so many cult-like aspects.”
The abuse, per London’s description, came from those who encouraged him to transition. The messages he received allegedly included death threats.
“They celebrate you becoming trans and try to push and persuade you to transition and give you positive reinforcement that you are a great person,” London said. “However when you decide to leave the ‘cult’ they vilify you, cast you aside, hurl abuse and death threats in an effort to silence you.”
London became widely known online after undergoing a series of plastic surgeries in an effort to resemble BTS’ Jimin Park. Prior to marrying Danny Richardson, who also planned to undergo Jimin-inspired plastic surgery, back in June, London “divorced” a cardboard cutout of Jimin in January, citing “irreconcilable differences.”
In an earlier interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, London blamed “woke culture” for causing his struggle with gender dysphoria. He also criticized the “new norm” of gender politics in education, saying they’re “eroding the alpha straight male.”
Since announcing his detransition, London has introduced himself as a politician. In a tweet on Nov. 14, he used the hashtag “#olilondon2024” and vowed to protect children from “harmful ideologies” and to “fight against woke culture.”
While the influencer has also stated that he will take a break from making music, he recently released two Christmas-themed music videos, including an original song titled “Christmas Bells of Korea.”
“My new single ‘Christmas Bells of Korea’ offers the same Christmas cheer and catchy hooks as Christmas in Korea and will no doubt have everyone singing along around the world,” he told the Daily Star.
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