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64-Year-Old Asian Man Collecting Cans Receives Racist Abuse, Death Threats in Australia


A man, 50, and a woman, 51, allegedly subjected an Asian man, 64, to verbal abuse and threats on Sunday evening after finding him sifting through garbage bins in Sydney, Australia.

The first attack: The incident, which happened at Trumper Park on Hampden Street in Paddington, caught the attention of Cocoa, 25, who went over to the scene after hearing racist slurs from his car, reported 7News.

‘It is just a joke’: Australian Restaurant Sparks Outrage After ‘Two Very Annoying Asians’ Receipt

A restaurant in Queensland, Australia is facing backlash after its owner shared a photo of an order slip that referred to two customers as “very annoying Asians.”

Shay Hayston, who co-owns several eateries in the city of Brisbane, shared the photo on Snapchat last Saturday, writing “Omg I love my staff” along with three laughing emojis in the caption.