Ms. Puiyi returns to OnlyFans months after leaving it to pursue DJing

Ms. Puiyi returns to OnlyFans months after leaving it to pursue DJingMs. Puiyi returns to OnlyFans months after leaving it to pursue DJing
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Malaysian influencer Siew Pui Yi, also known as Ms. Puiyi, has sparked an online buzz after announcing her return to the adult content subscription platform OnlyFans.
Unexpected comeback: Pui Yi took to her Instagram on Sept. 17 to drop the surprise announcement along with a photo of her aboard a boat, wearing a vibrant blue bikini.
“I’m back on Only(Fans),” the caption read, with a “Welcome back” link. 
While Pui Yi has since deleted the Instagram story announcing her return to OnlyFans, she appears to have already resumed her activity on the platform. 
Building a career on OnlyFans: In 2019, Pui Yi made headlines after a hacking incident resulted in the unauthorized release of her nude photos. She turned to OnlyFans as a means to regain control of her own content. Over time, she gained a massive following on social media, becoming an influencer and launching her own beauty product lines.
Quitting the platform: In Dec. 2022, she announced her departure from OnlyFans to pursue becoming a DJ, marking a significant shift in her public persona. However, her recent return has fueled speculation among her followers about her motivations.
Fans’ mixed reactions: Some of her followers expressed disappointment that her return contradicts her earlier promise to “put her clothes back on.” Some speculated that the DJ industry may not have been as lucrative as she hoped, prompting her return to OnlyFans for quick earnings.
Others, however, have defended her right to make choices about her career and have raised the possibility that she might offer exclusive DJ sessions through the platform. Some also attempted to link her return to her recent breakup with her former boyfriend, Mark O’dea, though this remains unconfirmed.
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