Ex-OnlyFans star MsPuiyi announces $1 million scholarship for underprivileged students

Ex-OnlyFans star MsPuiyi announces $1 million scholarship for underprivileged students
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Michelle De Pacina
February 17, 2023
Malaysian influencer Siew Pui Yi, better known as MsPuiyi, has announced a $1 million scholarship for underprivileged students.
On Tuesday, the entrepreneur, actor, model, DJ and former OnlyFans star shared a video on her Instagram account to announce the launch of her first scholarship program. 
Pui Yi referred to her underprivileged background as inspiration for the scholarship. 
“As a girl who came from an underprivileged background, I always wished that I could have had extra financial help so that I could have furthered my studies,” she wrote in her caption. 

It’s something that I think about all the time up until this day, maybe my life would be different? Not everyone is given equal opportunities and there are so many people I know that could have gone so far if they had the financial help when they were younger.

The 24-year-old says she wanted to pursue medicine in the past but could not do so due to financial constraints. 
She recalls her struggles as a working student, noting her part-time jobs and sleepless nights.
“In the end, I couldn’t pursue my dream to be a surgeon because of many factors such as I couldn’t have enough funding for my studies and I couldn’t find any scholarship,” Pui Yi says in the video.
Pui Yi walked away from actively posting explicit content on subscription-based streaming platform OnlyFans, which she told Entrepreneur makes her “seven figures a month,” in late 2022.
The influencer has taken it upon herself “to give back to the society” by launching the scholarship program to help underprivileged students in need all around the world.

This has always been something that I wished to hopefully make a difference someday, to give equal opportunities to deserving students that can’t afford the education they need to succeed. And now, I am pleased to announce that I will be launching my very own scholarship to help students achieve their dreams.

In partnership with Educapital Foundation, each selected student will be given $1,000 “to pursue whichever educational field that they desire.”
Pui Yi also notes that the students will also be provided access to financial hardship grants while they are in school and business startup grants after they graduate.
She called on students to apply at her website dedicated to the scholarship.
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