OnlyFans model claims Ukraine ‘mafia’ tried to get her to smuggle weapons

OnlyFans model claims Ukraine ‘mafia’ tried to get her to smuggle weapons
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Ryan General
September 11, 2023
A beauty pageant competitor from Houston, Texas, has claimed in a recent post that she was asked by the Ukrainian mafia to smuggle weapons for them.
Globe-trotting girlfriend: Fan-Pei Koung, a 33-year-old OnlyFans model, initially gained attention for offering her racy pictures online to support Ukraine’s war effort. She even made her subscription service free for Ukrainian fighters, dubbing herself a “globe-trotting girlfriend.”
She also used her Instagram account to collect donations, distribute water to soldiers and teach English to children.
Near the frontlines: Koung first visited Ukraine in November 2022, volunteering in women’s shelters and orphanages in Lviv. She returned in February 2023, this time to Kyiv, where she aimed to provide emotional support to troops in their battle against Russia.
Alleged mafia Involvement: On Sept. 4, she claimed in an Instagram post that “the mafia” (which she alleges controls the Ukrainian army) approached her with a request to smuggle arms but did not go into specific details. She also hinted at being pressured into silence by Ukrainian authorities.
Koung, who indicated in a recent post that she is now in Hungary, later wrote how the mafia threatened her:
“No matter how much they sharpened their knives, threatened to cut off my fingers, and tried to throw me out the window, I knew they were fascinated with me in ways they couldn’t describe and wanted me to be their wife. I never worry about getting sex-trafficked because no one wants to share me. Every moment was a heart-racing bid for survival. The real negotiation was don’t kill this creature who unwittingly has too much power over you.”
Taiwan next?: She also posted an Instagram message on Monday, expressing her desire to live in Taiwan to help the fight for “freedom and independence.”
“It’s a little difficult for me to fly because I carry a 50lb luggage, guitar, and level 4 body armor with me everywhere, but I think visiting Taiwan could be really healing for me if I find the right people,” she wrote. “I hope you also find the right people.”
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