Perks of Monkey King job in China includes heated cave and lots of bananas

Perks of Monkey King job in China includes heated cave and lots of bananasPerks of Monkey King job in China includes heated cave and lots of bananas
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A tourist spot in northern China’s Hebei province is looking for a Monkey King impersonator. 
About the legend: Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, holds a central role in Chinese mythology and Wu Cheng’en’s classic adventure novel “Journey to the West.” Blessed with unmatched superhuman strength and the extraordinary ability to transform into 72 different animals and objects, Wukong has captivated generations.

About the job vacancy: The Wuzhishan Scenic Area announced that it is on the lookout for enthusiasts of the legendary Sun Wukong for a unique job opportunity that pays $842 a month, reported CNN.
The job involves donning a monkey mask and costume and residing in a cave at the base of the Wuzhishan mountain, where the Monkey King was initially trapped by angry gods. The role primarily entails interacting with tourists and accepting snacks from visiting children.

Job requirements: While the position requires no academic qualifications, the administrators for the establishment are looking for a candidate with a genuine passion for Sun Wukong and a flair for acting, according to the Straits Times. Applicants must also have a lively, cheerful and approachable demeanor for tourist interaction. 
The scenic area has so far hired two Monkey King impersonators and is now in search of the final member to complete the trio.
Perks of the job:  The chosen candidate can look forward to a diet rich in apples, instant noodles and an abundance of bananas, as provided for by tourists. The hired actors are not obliged to consume all the given bananas on the spot and they can share the excess bananas with colleagues after their shift. The company has also installed an electric heater in the cave to ensure the actors’ comfort during colder weather.
Viral sensation: The unconventional job listing went viral on social media platforms like Douyin, prompting enthusiastic responses from users. Some humorously questioned if the position was open to females, while others marveled at the prospect of “endless free food and a salary.” In response to the viral attention, the mountain attraction announced free entry for all visitors from Jan. 8 till Feb. 8.
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