Police Stop The Monkey King and His Friends on Their Journey to the West

Police Stop The Monkey King and His Friends on Their Journey to the West
Ryan General
February 10, 2017
A bus filled with mystical creatures, driven by no less than the “Monkey King” himself, was recently held up by authorities at a routine checkpoint in China.
Officers stationed at the checkpoint in Jiyuan, Henan province were caught by surprise on Tuesday upon seeing the legendary Sun Wukong in the driver’s seat of the vehicle.
They even got more confused after finding the entire cast of characters from the Chinese novel “Journey to the West” riding the bus, reported China News (via Shanghaiist). 
To find out what was going on, the police ordered the mythological figures from the beloved classic to step off the bus for a short inspection. The Monkey King, who was asked to hand over his license, answered the questions asked by the cops without any form of monkey business. In fact, he cooperated with the officers quite politely and avoided any attempt of trickery, a habit the character is known for in the books.
After finding no monkey business, and discovering that the passengers, in fact, were simply members of an acting troupe on their way for a show in the countryside, the police allowed them to continue their journey.
It was not specified in the report, however, in which direction the “Monkey King” and his not so magical friends were heading exactly.
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