This Insanely Impressive Monkey King Transformer Statue is Giving the Internet Robo-Fever

A transformer statue resembling the Monkey King was recently spotted in Qingdao, China.
The 10-meter tall Transformer Monkey King, which was unveiled on Thursday, is apparently made out of discarded car parts, according to ECNS. The mythological character, otherwise known as Sun Wukong, is recognizable by his long staff that is believed to weigh several thousand pounds.  
The story of the Monkey King goes back to the Song dynasty. He appears as the main character in the 16th century Chinese classical tale “Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng’en. In it, Sun Wukong accompanies a monk on his journey west to obtain sacred scriptures from an evil demon.
A number of cultural adaptations about Sun Wukong have been produced over the years.
In 2014, the movie “The Monkey King” was released starring Donnie Yen, Yun-Fat Chow and Aaron Kwok.
The movie retells the story of how Sun Wukong became trapped under the Five Fingers Mountain by the Buddha.
In 2016, the “The Monkey King 2” film was released and continues the story of how Sun Wukong was freed from the rock mountain to help the travelling monk.
The Transformer Monkey King was reportedly seen in Shenyang in June. It seems that Sun Wukong is indeed heading west on some sort of journey.
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