Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend With the Worst Flowers Ever, Gets Rejected

In what seemed like a joke girls will never laugh about, a young man has proposed to his lady with a wreath of funeral flowers.
The proposal happened in Chongqing University’s City Xi Street on Thursday, witnessed by a crowd apparently certain how the story will end.
From the photos, the unimpressive wreath of funeral flowers was not in visible at first.
The hopeful man got down on one knee and asked the girl to be his wife.
It’s safe to say that that the girl came to a decision the moment she saw how he planned to win her heart.
Netizens, of course, found time to make fun of the disturbing proposal.
Without a doubt, ugly funeral flowers add to our list of doomed proposal props such as undersized rings, boats tugged by SUVs and pomelos. Gents, learn from successful guys who used condoms, luxury cars and of course, bouquets of cold, hard cash.
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