Man Publicly Proposes to Woman From a Boat, Get’s Rejected in the Worst Way Possible

A man in Hubei, China, recently arrived at a hospital driving a SUV that was tugging a boat decorated in pink and red flowers.

After he stopped outside of the hospital, he got out and jumped up into his boat, according to Shanghaiist. He pulled out a megaphone and began shouting:

“XXX I love you! Please forgive me!”

While it’s unknown why he was asking for forgiveness, the man presumably set up the boat proposal after striking out earlier on in the relationship. After several minutes of his constant pleas, the intended woman came out from the hospital and boarded the boat.

A large crowd gathered around the scene and pulled out their phones and cameras in anticipation for what was sure to be a proposal.

The man, sure enough, pulled out a ring and asked the girl to marry him. As the man stood before the girl of his dreams, after having asked for her hand in marriage, she nonchalantly tossed the ring aside, got off the boat and went back to work at the hospital.

It took the man a while to get a grasp on the series of events that flashed before him, but he eventually drove away sad, depressed and confused.

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