Chinese Man Declares Love With 999 Pomelos, Gets Mercilessly Rejected

In his attempt to impress a woman, one college student in Southern China had 999 pomelos arranged as a giant heart — a declaration of love witnessed by the public.

The display was laid on the floor of a shopping center in Guangzhou this weekend, South China Morning Post noted.

Each fruit came with a love note, so we can assume the labor that went with them.

The guy also penned a love song for his affection, Apple Daily said. Ultimately, he asked the fellow student to be his girlfriend through a loudspeaker.

“I have liked you since the first day that we met, and now I want everyone to know that I like you. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Unfortunately, the pomelos were not in his favor. The lady rejected his advances and wished that they just stay friends.

As the guy took his dose of reality, bystanders took the fruits after the lady’s signal. All pomelos were gone in two minutes.

We’re no strangers to witnessing rejections. Pomelos are now add to the list of items that don’t make the cut, such as small rings and boats on the road.

Those planning to propose can take cue from cash bouquets, luxury cars and property deeds. You know the works.

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