Louisiana woman recounts spontaneous move to Japan, being homeless in Thailand

Louisiana woman recounts spontaneous move to Japan, being homeless in Thailand
via Kiawanna Moore
Ryan General
February 15, 2024
A woman from Baton Rouge seeking a digital nomad lifestyle in Tokyo recently recounted on social media how she ended up becoming homeless in Thailand.
Digital nomad aspirations: In August 2023, 25-year-old Louisiana native Kiawanna Moore booked a one-way flight to Japan to pursue becoming a remote worker. According to Moore, it was a spontaneous decision she made after a skydiving trip. She sold her car and things in her condo and gave up her “six-figure business to start a new life overseas.” However, after staying in Tokyo for just one day, she realized it was too expensive and she wouldn’t “last long” if she stayed, and so she booked another one-way flight — to Thailand.
She shared on TikTok that she traveled there “with no plans and not knowing anything about the country.”
How she ended up homeless: Moore initially found a place to stay she called “treehouse” when she moved to Pai, Thailand. In a video, she shared that she enjoyed living there with the local community.
However, she revealed on Jan. 11 that she moved out of the place and ended her lease after six months.
Three days after moving to Pattaya, Thailand, she ended up being homeless.
“After staying in Thailand for five months, I still was not able to obtain income. I still wasn’t able to figure out how to make an income. I ran out of money and that is how I ended up homeless,” she says in the video.
Netizens’ reactions: Moore’s videos have elicited a range of responses from viewers. Some offered words of encouragement and practical advice, while others criticized her lack of financial planning and decision-making.
“Call your family back home & say, your sorry & get them to buy you tickets to fly back. it may be cheaper to live outside the US, but without a plan,” a commenter suggested.
“Not having a financial plan was way risky. I am a digital nomad so I understand the wunderlust, but gotta be smart about it. Good luck to you!” another chimed in.
“Running away from your problems sometimes only creates more. Hopefully you find yourself and reunite with your family,” wrote another.
Finding good people: After sharing her plight in a TikTok livestream, a follower offered help and linked her with a Thai woman who gave her money, treated her to a spa day and even booked her a hotel room.
Why she chooses to stay: Moore went on to share that despite the struggles, she does not plan to return to the U.S. just yet.
“People will say to me, ‘Why don’t you go back to America?’ and I will tell them, ‘… I gave up everything in America to come here to start a life abroad. Why would I go and start from scratch at home when I’m starting from scratch here?’” she said.
Moore shared that while she had only $7 upon her initial move to Pattaya Beach, she managed to generate around $650 in a week and has since been working as a hairstylist.
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