Foreign Woman Does Impromptu Yoga Session Inside a McDonald’s in Thailand

Foreign Woman Does Impromptu Yoga Session Inside a McDonald’s in Thailand

February 6, 2019
Customers at a McDonald’s store in Thailand were bewildered when a female foreigner who suddenly decided to have an impromptu yoga session inside the restaurant. 
Images of the mysterious woman practicing yoga at the fast food outlet in Chiang Mai, Bangkok Thursday afternoon soon emerged on a closed Bangkok expat Facebook group, Everything Bangkok.”
Image via Facebook / Mason Jill Hatt

Hilla Hatt, the Facebook user who uploaded the images told Coconuts Bangkok that the incident happened inside the Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall in Mueang district.

“I was eating a Big Mac and saw her break out the mat and go through a little namaste then go into a full routine,” he was quoted as saying. “She was still going through the motions when I left.”

The woman, who was accompanied by a friend, did her routine for at least ten minutes while he was at the restaurant.
According to Hatt, no one said anything about the woman’s act and just left her about her business.
“I do yoga myself but I damn sure am not busting it out while waiting for my nuggets,” he added. “You get all types from all walks [in Chiang Mai].”
While most netizens were indifferent about the whole thing, some observed that there is something more behind it than just “a woman doing yoga inside a fast food store.”
“Is this begpacking 3.0?” one asked.
“It might be a technique to relieve pain. I saw a “back school” do some things like this. The joint pops back in if you do it the right way. I never try but maybe it works?” another commenter posited.
Featured image via Facebook / Mason Jill Hatt
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