Woman in her 60s stabbed multiple times in Los Angeles Chinatown robbery

Woman in her 60s stabbed multiple times in Los Angeles Chinatown robbery
via ABC7
Michelle De Pacina
17 days ago
A woman in her 60s was stabbed multiple times during a robbery in broad daylight in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.
Key points:
  • The victim was stabbed multiple times after she attempted to hold onto her bag during the robbery. The incident occurred just after 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.
  • The community is shaken by the incident and is calling for increased protection.
The details:
  • According to Chester Chong, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Chairman, the victim chased after the male suspect after he robbed her purse. “The victim [fell down] on the ground. She tried to hold on to her bag. Medical cards, ID, everything… she got scared if she lost these documents, she cannot go to the clinic [or] anywhere,” Chong told ABC 7.
  • Some bystanders attempted to intervene before the suspect brought out a knife and eventually stabbed the victim multiple times. “A lot of people were around him and tried to punch him, and then he got his knife out. That’s why everybody backed up,” said witness Emily Giang.
  • According to another witness, the victims was stabbed “about 12 times” before security guards eventually stopped the man and police arrived at the scene. While it is unclear if an arrest has been made, authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward.
  • Two women at the scene aided the victim before she was transported to a hospital, where she currently remains. Her condition is unknown, and it is unclear whether other people were injured. 
Community concerns:
  • The Chinatown community, particularly its elderly members, is fearful of a repeat incident and feel the need for increased protection. The area where the attack occurred is reportedly frequented by elderly individuals who work, walk and sell fresh food along the sidewalk. 
  • Chong, in response to the incident, urged caution among community members, advising them to be careful and avoid openly carrying important documents. “This is important. Just let go, and also, don’t bring any important documents in your hand,” he said.
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