LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin releases new solo single ‘피어나도록 (love you twice)’

LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin releases new solo single ‘피어나도록 (love you twice)’
Daniel Anderson
March 15, 2023
LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin released her third self-composed solo track, “피어나도록 (love you twice),” on Tuesday.
The song’s Korean title is a nod to LE SSERAFIM’s official fan club name, “FEARNOT,” or “피어나” in Korean. “‘피어나” means “bloom,” while “피어나도록피어나” means “until it blooms.”
South Korean animator and artist Ramdaram contributed to the art of the song’s music video, which portrays the colorful life of an idol and the dull world of a fan who aspires to be like her. The fan tries to emulate her idol but eventually finds value in herself through music.
In a press release, Yunjin explained the meaning behind her new song, which is dedicated to her fans.

Much like the people who seem to be living great lives on social media, I once thought that I wanted to show only the good parts of myself to my fans when I debuted. I always felt that I was lacking even when I was trying my best, but my fans still loved me as I was. I’m thankful to my fans who made me feel that I deserve to be loved. I hope that this message and my gratitude come across in the song.

Yunjin’s previously released solo songs include “Raise your glass” and “I ≠ DOLL.” She has also co-written tracks for LE SSERAFIM’s debut mini-album “FEARLESS” and their sophomore album “ANTIFRAGILE.”

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