From ‘FEARLESS’ to ‘ANTIFRAGILE’: LE SSERAFIM return with first comeback

From ‘FEARLESS’ to ‘ANTIFRAGILE’: LE SSERAFIM return with first comeback
Daniel Anderson
October 17, 2022
HYBE girl group LE SSERAFIM made their first comeback on Monday with their new mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE.”
During a recent media showcase for the comeback, LE SSERAFIM leader Kim Chae-won shared, “The word ‘antifragile’ means an attitude which accepts adversity as a stimulus for growth, our resolve is to become hardened and stronger, even as we go through hardships and shocks.”
The mini-album’s title track of the same name is an “Afro-Latin-inspired track,” according to NME. “ANTIFRAGILE” also includes four other tracks: “The Hydra,” which was featured in the trailer for the mini-album’s release, “Impurities” and “No Celestial” and “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but i am).”
“Impurities” and “No Celestial” were co-written by member Huh Yun-jin, while “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but i am)” was penned by Huh and fellow group member Sakura Miyawaki with American singer-songwriter Salem Illese. Kim, Huh and Illese unveiled the track earlier this month during a live performance. 
Back in August, Huh received songwriting credit following the release of her self-produced song “Raise y_our glass.”
“ANTIFRAGILE” is a follow-up to LE SSERAFIM’S debut album “FEARLESS,” which was released in May.
This is the group’s first music release as five members since the official departure of former member Kim Ga-ram over bullying allegations in July. 
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Last month, HYBE released a four-part documentary series about the quintet titled “The World is My Oyster.” This past weekend, they performed at KCON 2022 Japan.
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