Watch: IU, BTS’ V share behind-the-scenes of ‘Love Wins All’ MV

Watch: IU, BTS’ V share behind-the-scenes of ‘Love Wins All’ MVWatch: IU, BTS’ V share behind-the-scenes of ‘Love Wins All’ MV
K-pop singer IU has released a video showing moments of her shoot with BTS member V for the music video of her latest single “Love Wins All.”
On choosing V: The behind-the-scenes video, which was posted on YouTube on Sunday, reveals that the “Love Wins All” music video was filmed about a week before V began his military enlistment.
IU reveals that she and director Um Tae Hwa were looking for a male lead who possesses the “mood of a young boy” but also gives off a very cool and reliable feeling after his transformation. However, she says V only landed the role by chance as she had to contact him for something she needed at the time.

“Intense”: Some clips show V going all out on his acting as he strikes a dummy bar with a stick. At one point, the BTS member tells IU, “You didn’t tell me it’ll be this intense,” referring to how they filmed the music video. “I didn’t know it would be like this either,” she says in response.
Aside from clips, IU and V also shared behind-the-scenes pictures on Instagram.
Reactions: Fans expressed their desire for a K-drama featuring the K-pop singers. One commented under IU’s post, “IU and V K-drama when?!”
Another fan was left speechless after seeing the two together, writing, “Oh my gosh, I can’t say anything anymore.” Another wrote, “How cute you two are.”

About the single: The “Love Wins All” music video, released on Tuesday, follows the heartbreaking story of the two singers’ characters, Tae Joon and Ji Hye, as they try to get away from a flying cube in a post-apocalyptic world. The single reportedly received a certified all-kill, ranking No. 1 on several charts, including Melon’s Daily and Top 100 and YouTube Music’s Top Songs as of Sunday.
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