Watch: BTS members get on their knees to beg fans not to come to military enlistment location

Watch: BTS members get on their knees to beg fans not to come to military enlistment location
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RM and V kneeled during a Weverse live session to show the seriousness of their plea

December 6, 2023
BTS members RM, V, Jimin and Jungkook hosted a Weverse live session ahead of their upcoming military enlistment to officially say goodbye to their fans for the meantime. 
BTS’s final request: During the live, the members requested their fans, known as ARMYs, to refrain from visiting their enlistment ceremonies and respect their privacy. To show the seriousness of their plea, RM, 29, and V, 27, got on their knees and bowed to their fans. 
“Please don’t come to the place when we’re entering the military because we don’t want it to be something bad to the other soldiers. Please don’t come,” RM said. 
Big Hit Music’s announcement: Big Hit Music officially announced the enlistment of the four members on Nov. 21, and they provided an update on Dec. 4, confirming the members’ progress in the enlistment process. However, the label did provide the exact date of their enlistments.
The K-pop agency also noted that the entrance ceremony for military personnel is designated for them and their families only. In order to avoid potential crowding issues, fans are strongly advised not to visit the site. Instead, they are encouraged to express their warm regards and encouragement “in [their] hearts only.”
Not the first: BTS officially went on hiatus in June 2022 in order to fulfill their service in the South Korean military. Other BTS members had already begun their service, with Jin, 31, starting service in December 2022 and J-hope, 29, and Suga, 30, enlisting earlier this year. 
South Korea mandates military service for all able-bodied men by the age of 28 due to the ongoing technical state of war with North Korea. In September, all seven BTS members renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music, hinting at a full group promotional period in 2025. 
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