BTS’s V begins training for counterterrorism unit

BTS’s V begins training for counterterrorism unitBTS’s V begins training for counterterrorism unit
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Ryan General
January 22, 2024
Kim Taehyung, popularly known as V of BTS, is now set to join the South Korean military’s Special Duty Team (SDT) of the Capital Defense Command.
Preparing for specialized exercises: V, 28, officially completed rigorous five-week basic training at the Nonsan Training Center on Jan. 16, distinguishing himself as one of the six elite trainees among the 200 recruits.
On January 18, V was observed heading to the Army General Administration School, where his training with the SDT awaits, reported AllKPop. Fans displayed their support through congratulatory banners placed along the route to his new training camp.
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Challenges and perks at the SDT: V, who opted to be part of the counterterrorism unit, faces an additional three weeks of demanding training at the site. A former SDT member disclosed that the specialized training is renowned for its difficulty, often leading some trainees to withdraw. Compared to his basic training, V will enjoy more freedom and perks, including free time, phone usage, access to a television and other amenities.
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What the sessions entail: The intense physical training sessions, which extend late into the night, include automatic target live ammunition, rappelling, preliminary rifle instruction, close-quarters battle and military police duties. Guided by experts from various military branches, these sessions aim to equip trainees not only with combat skills but also strong leadership abilities.
Other members serving: All seven members of BTS are officially serving their mandatory military service in South Korea. Jin (Kim Seok-jin), 31, and J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok), 29, the first two BTS members to begin and complete their basic training, are expected to be discharged in June and October this year, respectively. Suga (Min Yoon-gi), 30, who is serving as a social service worker due to past shoulder surgery, is expected to be discharged in June 2025. Jimin (Park Ji-min), 28; Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook), 26; RM (Kim Nam-joon), 29, and V are also set to be discharged in June 2025.
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