Hong Kong Among Cities with Least Attractive People in the World, According to Tinder Survey

Hong Kong Among Cities with Least Attractive People in the World, According to Tinder Survey
Riley Schatzle
June 26, 2015
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Gfk polled 1,000 Americans to determine their attitudes toward romance and travel. The study was conducted using an online probability-based panel that analyzed data from dating app Tinder and travel bookings website Expedia, both of whom commissioned the study.
When respondents were asked what city had the most attractive dating pool, Los Angeles came in as the top answer, with 37% choosing the City of Angels as home to the world’s best-looking people. Rio de Janeiro was a close second (36%), then Paris (34%), Miami (32%) and Rome (32%).
On the other end of the spectrum, when Americans were asked which location held the world’s least attractive people, they voted Istanbul (26%), Seoul (25%) and Hong Kong (24%).
When Americans were asked what the ideal city was to be proposed in, 46% chose romantic Paris, France. Rome was the next closest with 40%, followed by Barcelona (22%), New York City (21%) and Sydney (20%).
When Americans were asked if they would consider being proposed to in an amusement park, 18% said they would consider it. When asked if they would consider a honeymoon at an amusement park, 25% said they would, although only 7% said they would get married at one.
The study also revealed interesting data about Americans’ attitudes toward their partners’ families. When respondents were asked if they would travel with their partner’s family within the first month, only 5% said they would, while 9% said they would after three months. When asked if the partner was expected to pay for their significant other’s family, 12% answered in the affirmative.
When respondents were asked if they felt it was appropriate to share a room with their partner when traveling with their partner’s parents, 7% said they would within the first month, and 43% said they would only after their one-year anniversary.
In March, Tinder unveiled the Passport feature, which allows users to swipe anywhere in the world, as part of their premium Tinder Plus service.
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