Group of teens brutally attack Chinese man in front of his daughter in Ireland

Group of teens brutally attack Chinese man in front of his daughter in IrelandGroup of teens brutally attack Chinese man in front of his daughter in Ireland
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Michelle De Pacina
April 28, 2023
A group of teens brutally attacked a Chinese man in front of his daughter in Dublin, Ireland.
A 16-year-old boy was recently found guilty of assault in relation to a beating that took place in the city center’s north side on December 6, 2021.
According to local reports, the unidentified father was beaten and racially abused by a group of teens and forced to apologize to a boy he had confronted after the child squirted him with water.
The incident, which was captured on CCTV footage, reportedly showed the 16-year-old repeatedly punching the man while his teenage daughter stood close by. Other teens soon joined in and dragged the man along railings before hitting him all over his head and body.
According to police, the victim arrived at Store Street Garda station with a swollen eye and bloody face after the incident.
The victim claimed that he tried to walk away because he was worried about his daughter. 
“Some guys came across the road and hit me really bad. I was covered by my hat, so I did not see anything, and they kept hitting me; one guy hit me really bad,” he said. 
The father said that “a whole load of youths became involved” in the incident and that they followed him and “made him apologize.”
“If you don’t say sorry, we won’t let you go,” the teens reportedly said.
Although the 16-year-old boy admitted to hitting the father up to seven times before his friends became involved, he denied the charges against him. 
In court, the teen claimed that he was protecting his little brother, who had used a water gun to spray the man. He claimed that the man had put his hand on his brother and started to reprimand him, so he went to defend him.
Defense solicitor Michael Byrne said his client had an “instinctive reaction” to defend his brother.
However, the Judge ruled that the teen had acted aggressively, not defensively. He adjourned sentencing until after a victim impact statement and a probation report on the accused.
The minor was remanded on continuing bail.
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