Asian Business Owners Knock Out Man Allegedly Harassing Them in Their Store in Ireland

Asian Business Owners Knock Out Man Allegedly Harassing Them in Their Store in Ireland

June 11, 2021
A pair of Asian business owners knocked out a white man who allegedly had been harassing them in their store in Dublin, Ireland, last week.
What happened: A video of the incident begins with an altercation already in progress between the two parties at the Oriental Emporium store on Jervis Street, as per Jackfroot.
  • The Asian pair managed to throw the white man outside their store, but the latter returned two more times in an apparent attempt to get back at them.
  • Throughout the encounter, the older Asian man, who was wearing gloves, can be heard telling the white man to “keep your distance” and “get out of my shop.”
  • It was during the white man’s second return when the older Asian man punched his face and the younger Asian man “kicked his balls,” knocking him to the ground.
The aftermath: The video cuts to bystanders gathering around the white man, seemingly worried about his condition despite witnessing the events that led to it.
  • “The people afterwards had the audacity to worry about the Caucasian when they saw how he was clearly stirring trouble for the Asian men and his business….like wow,” one Instagram user commented.
  • Another user who claimed to have been in the store “an awful lot” described the older Asian man as “one of the nicest and most helpful store owners I’ve ever come across,” calling him “a true gent.”
  • It’s unclear whether the Asian business owners reported the incident to law enforcement and whether the white man required some medical attention.
NextShark has reached out to Instagram user @ak47ismymftool, the reported uploader of the video, for more details. The video was also posted on Twitter by user @davenewworld_2.
Featured Image Screenshots via @ak47ismymftool
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