Gender Inequality Starts as Early as Childhood, Study Suggests

Inequality between men and women doesn’t start in the office — it starts at home, with mom and dad.

Research conducted by the University of Michigan found that, on average, girls spend 30% more time doing household chores than boys. And while girls may indeed just want to have fun, boys were found to spend almost twice as much time playing.

A study done by everyone’s favorite dentist office read, Highlights, corroborates the early-age work imbalance: More girls (73.3%) than boys (65.3%) reported doing chores at home.

According to the Michigan study, boys are also up to 15% more likely than girls to be paid allowance for their completed chores. It’s a boy’s boy’s boy’s world.

Don’t feel too bad for the young girls of the world, however; they have a chance to experience gender parity if they just manage to live long enough — about 79 years, 9 months, to be exact.

h/t: Pacific Standard
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