World Economic Forum: Women Won’t Be Equal for At Least Another 80 Years


It’s always a let-down when we realize we aren’t as progressive as we think we are. 

Based on forecasts from the World Economic Forum, professional services firm Ernst & Young estimates that women around the world will not attain gender parity for at least another 80 years. They even have a countdown on their website.

That means it will have taken nearly 250 years, at the very least, for women to have gained equality since the first women’s rights convention in 1848. Millennials will be old and gray by the time women are equal to men — or dead.


Even science suggests women make better business leaders than men. What more reason do we need to give women the same privilege and power that men enjoy where it matters most?

If we can’t solve one of the greatest social dilemmas of our lifetime, we can at least teach our kids to finish it for us. It’s about damn time we give ladies everywhere a fighting chance.

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