National Poll Reveals What Most People in the U.S. Think About Women Getting Equal Pay


Satya Nadella, we have the results and you are NOT on the right side of the issue.

The results of a new poll by Gallup questioning 1,252 randomly sampled adults in the U.S. on what they thought were the “most important issues facing working women in this country today” found that equal/fair pay was the top answer, with 39 percent of all Americans giving that answer. That’s almost twice as much as the second most-given answer, equal opportunity for promotion/gender discrimination, which was cited by 20 percent of all those surveyed.

Here’s the full breakdown from Gallup:


While there’s a small percentage difference between men and women ranking equal/fair pay as the top issue for working women, when broken down by political ideology, there’s a gulf of difference. While 51 percent of liberals said equal/fair pay was an important issue, only 28 percent of conservatives ranked the issue similarly.

Check out the chart showing that below:


So Satya, maybe we shouldn’t leave the No. 1 issue facing working women up to a theoretical principle after all?

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