Edison Chen Attacks ‘Fan’ Filming Him at the Airport

Edison Chen Attacks ‘Fan’ Filming Him at the AirportEdison Chen Attacks ‘Fan’ Filming Him at the Airport
Hong Kong-Canadian actor Edison Chen lost his cool at a “fan” who got too close for comfort at the airport.
The incident occurred over the weekend when the 38-year-old actor returned to Hong Kong from a trip with model girlfriend Qin Shupei.
In the seconds-long video, Chen is seen walking with his luggage before turning around to the camera.
He then reaches out to knock the device out of the person’s hands.
Chen, also known as “Asia’s baddest boy,” recently earned the reputation of a doting dad.
The “Initial D” actor has been sharing photos of his and Qin’s daughter, Alaia, on Instagram, one of which features a Louis Vuitton-Supreme trunk he described as her “toy chest.”
Netizens believe that the “fan” filmed Chen without his consent, leading to his violent response.
However, others argued that he should have handled the situation much better.
Weibo users commented:
“He has always been like this. What a fuss.”
“Casually filming celebrities is disrespectful to some.”
“It’s rude to take photos without consent. These celebrities are on private trips, not public performances.”
“This person is not a paparazzi. Passersby may encounter stars and feel excited to take photos without malice. If you don’t like being photographed, you can say it properly.”
“There was a time when I saw Eddie Peng at the airport. I secretly took out my phone to film because it was difficult to see him. When he caught me, he responded with a very friendly smile and was very happy at the time. I was really just afraid of disturbing him. With this comparison, Edison Chen is really violent.”
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