Chinese Wife Destroys Cheating Husband’s $150,000 BMW After Discovering Mistress

In the latest news of angry Asian people smashing their cars is the tragic fate of a BMW 740 that faced the wrath of a furious woman in Shenzhen, China.

The middle-aged woman, identified by her surname, Wu, reportedly destroyed her husband’s BMW 740 in a fit of rage after discovering that he was cheating on her with another woman. According to Shanghaiist, Wu allegedly saw her husband rendezvousing with another woman in the car.  

Using her weapon of choice, a hammer, the woman proceeded to smash the empty vehicle worth $1 million yuan ($157,482).

Spectators were drawn to the scene by loud banging noises as her hammer smashed into the car. As parking lot security guards attempted to stop her, Wu screamed, “The bitch who sat in this car is too filthy for words” and warned the guards to back off.

The angry wife claimed the BMW 740 was hers and later went to retrieve the documents to show that the car was her property before continuing to demolish it.

Her husband, who was away on business, was informed by the security staff of the damages. When Wu had finished, what was left was a wrecked car with broken front and back rear lights, shattered windows, smashed door handles, and an irreparably damaged hood.

Other vengeful Chinese wives have resorted to rent-a-thug services in the past. For angry spouses who would consider smashing dishes and vases instead of their expensive cars, there are always rage rooms.  

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