Chinese Wives Pay $16,000 For Thugs to Attack Their Husbands’ Mistresses

Most people might advise wives with cheating husbands to leave their spouses and find something better, but when divorce isn’t an option for financial reasons, some wives feel the need to take aggressive measures to ensure their husbands won’t run off.

Some wives in China are reportedly paying anywhere from $500 to $16,000 for thugs who will scare, threaten or even mutilate their cheating husband’s mistresses. Thug services are also advertised online, and in a country where many of the wealthy keep mistresses on the side, you could say thugs enjoy reliable job security.

For the least brutal wives, a thug can be hired to collect evidence of a husband’s cheating, which will ultimately be used in court when the wife divorces the husband — that service costs about $500.

But for the most brutal wives with $16,000 to spare, thugs with a bottle of acid and a knife will locate the mistress, pour acid on them and “then cut the skin off of her face,” according to Li, an industry thug/contractor interviewed by Quartz’s Richard Macauley.

Many wives, however, prefer to have their husbands’ mistresses photographed cheating in the case the mistress also has a boyfriend. Other times, wives wish to confront the cheating husband in the act.

According to Chinese marriage laws, any property owned by either individual before the marriage cannot be split. When the house is in the husband’s name, as it usually tends to be, a divorce can leave the ex-wife homeless. For some wives, $16,000 is a small price to pay to keep from having nothing.

Most mistresses are scared off easily by verbal threats, but there are always the stubborn ones. Li explained what kind of women are the hardest to scare off:

“Sometimes, though, the girl is from a really poor family. These are the most likely to want to stay with their married man, because they really have no other way to make money.

“If it comes to it — if the girl will absolutely not give up the man—then we must take a different approach. We must make it so that the man finds her less attractive.”

And of course, the horrific, brutal and disfiguring acid-knife combo attack follows.

How long until we have a “Mistresses Hire Thugs to Protect Them From Jealous Wives” story? Who knows, but in the meantime, mistresses better be wary if they decide to get involved with a married man in China.

h/t: Shanghaiist
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