‘Rage Rooms’ Offer Customers a New Way to Relieve Stress for $20

If angry girlfriends had titanium bats to smash china plates and glass vases for each time their thoughtless boyfriends screwed up, the world would be a much happier place. Perhaps it is time to move to Toronto, Canada, where “Rage Rooms” are offered to do just that.

Sometimes unrestrainable rage and pent-up anger just needs to be let out in the form of shattered objects and broken furniture. Battle Sports Inc. realized that need and decided to provide frustrated patrons a therapeutic experience derived from smashing things in a room all to themselves.

Half an hour in the Rage Room will cost customers $20. There is also a “Smash Menu” that allows individuals to choose the items they want to demolish.

The company website describes it as “cost effective anger management and a unique alternative for stress relief.” The rooms supposedly provide cathartic experiences and act as an outlet for negative emotions that would otherwise manifest itself in aggressive behavior towards other people.

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