BTS’ RM shares first photo update since military enlistment

BTS’ RM shares first photo update since military enlistmentBTS’ RM shares first photo update since military enlistment
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BTS’ RM posted an Instagram update post-military enlistment, prompting an outpouring of love and anticipation from his fans on social media. 
RM’s post: On Dec. 11, a photo of RM in casual attire was shared on the artist’s film account. The image shows the 29-year-old in a gray T-shirt and blue jeans with blond hair as he poses with musical instruments. 
The post is the first social media update of RM since he penned an emotional letter to his fans ahead of his military service earlier this month. In his letter, RM acknowledged the fear of the unknown but expressed curiosity about potential positive experiences and hopes during his service. He also assured fans that they will see each other again in the future.
Fan reactions: Although the recent post deviated from the anticipated military update, it still sparked excitement among fans. BTS’s fans, affectionately known as Armys, immediately expressed their support and well wishes, finding joy in the glimpse into RM’s current chapter and eagerly anticipating his return.
“You don’t know how much I miss you,” one fan commented.
“How are you? How is your cold? Have lots of ginger and honey tea, you will feel better, Love. I miss you all so much. But don’t wry I am preparing myself for 2025. I love you,” another person wrote.
“I would never imagine a person from the other side of the world would make such a big difference in my life… Every time you post something, is the day I need the most… Thank you for saving me a little each day! I hope you are in good health and taking care of yourself. Love you, Joonie!” a fan shared.
BTS military enlistment: Earlier this month, Big Hit Music provided an update, confirming RM, V, Jimin and Jungkook’s progress in the military enlistment process. The boy band officially went on hiatus in June 2022 in order to fulfill their service in the South Korean military. Other BTS members had already begun their service, with Jin starting service in December 2022 and J-hope and Suga enlisting earlier this year. 
South Korea mandates military service for all able-bodied men by the age of 28 due to the ongoing technical state of war with North Korea. In September, all seven BTS members renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music, hinting at a full group promotional period in 2025.
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