BTS’ RM pens emotional letter to fans ahead of military service

BTS’ RM pens emotional letter to fans ahead of military serviceBTS’ RM pens emotional letter to fans ahead of military service
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BTS’ RM has written an emotional letter to fans as he sets off to begin his military duties.
What he wrote: RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, posted the letter to his Weverse account Sunday, a day before departing for his mandatory military service. The 29-year-old BTS leader began his message stating that he had so many things he wanted to say, “but now that the moment is here, words just won’t come out easily.”
His letter conveyed a mixture of emotions, from gratitude to fear of the unknown as he spends 18 months away from the idol life. “It may be scary and daunting, but I wonder if there will be something to look forward to and hope for during this uncertain time,” he noted.
Finding courage: RM cited the resilience of fellow members Jin, 31, and J-Hope, 29, who both enlisted earlier this year, as giving him the courage to move forward. Suga, 30, began his service in August.
RM and V, 27, started their military duties on Monday. Jimin, 28, and Jungkook, 26, are expected to commence theirs Tuesday.
Assuring fans: All seven BTS members, therefore, will be on active duty by Tuesday. In his letter, RM assured fans they will see each other again in the future.
“When we return, we will greet each other again. Regardless of when or where, let’s ensure that we always remain ‘us,'” he wrote.
Reactions: Many fans, affectionately known as the ARMYs, responded to RM’s message in various ways.
“I’m proud of you. Have a safe trip and see you soon,” one fan wrote on forum site TheQoo.
“Namjoon, have a nice trip, don’t get hurt,” another noted. “Let’s meet again in good health.”
Meanwhile, one ARMY wrote on X, “We will wait [for] you. See you soon in 2025.”
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