BTS’ Jin shares update as he nears completion of military service

BTS’ Jin shares update as he nears completion of military serviceBTS’ Jin shares update as he nears completion of military service
BTS member Jin has teased his return to music as he approaches the end of his military service.
What he said: Jin, the oldest member of the K-pop powerhouse, shared updates on his status in a video welcoming the New Year. He turned 31 on Dec. 4.
“It’s January, everyone. The new year has come. I will become a year older in January,” he says in Korean in the pre-recorded video. “I’ll be in my mid-30s by now.”
The arrival of the new year makes Jin 33 under South Korea’s traditional age system, which was abolished in June 2023. It’s unclear when exactly Jin’s video was recorded. 
“Did you all make a snowman? I’m still in the past so I don’t know if it’s snowing or not, but if it snowed you have to make a snowman and go back to being kids and do snowball fights,” he suggests.
About his enlistment: Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok-jin, was the first BTS member to enter South Korea’s mandatory military service, enlisting on Dec. 13, 2022. Reports say he is expected to be discharged this June.
“I’m leaving this video so you can watch my pretty, handsome face and spend January and February warmly,” he says. “I miss you all, I miss you a lot.”
He tells fans to wait “just a bit more” before they can see him with short hair. “I’ll grow my hair quickly this year and I’ll be able to start working hard soon,” he says.

When the group reunites: All seven BTS members are expected to reconvene in 2025. Jimin, 28, and Jungkook, 26, were the last two members to join the military, enlisting on Dec. 12, 2023.
Reactions: BTS fans, affectionately known as Armys, expressed excitement to see Jin back and wished him well in the comments.
“Seokjin, Happy New Year. I hope everything goes well for you and you stay healthy,” one wrote in Korean. “Take care of yourself and be well.”
One fan wrote in Russian, “Congratulations to all the BTS guys on the New Year. Wishing you strong health, happiness, success in your careers and a safe return home. We love you and will always be with you, guys. The most important thing is that you are happy in every period of your life.”
“Thank you for showing me your globally beautiful little face. It’s a joy to the heart and soul,” another fan wrote in Spanish. “We are waiting for you, my angel Jin. BTS FOREVER.”
One wrote from the U.S., “Seokjinnie, I adore your videos! Thank you for comforting us while you are away. I think of you everyday and pray you are warm and safe. YOU WILL RETURN TO ARMYs in 2024, and for this, I am grateful and excited. We have not had enough snow here in Michigan to make a snowman. But when we do, I will make one that looks like you! Your handsome face and sweet messages make my purple heart happy! Love you, Jin.”
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