Boy ‘sacrifices breathing’ to eat durian in viral video

Boy ‘sacrifices breathing’ to eat durian in viral videoBoy ‘sacrifices breathing’ to eat durian in viral video
Carl Samson
July 17, 2023
A video of a boy pinching his nose while savoring a piece of durian has gone viral on social media.
Caught in the act: The video, which recently made headlines in Southeast Asia, begins with the camera zooming in on the boy as he enjoys the fruit while pinching his nose with one hand.
As the camera moves closer, the boy realizes that he is being filmed. In his apparent embarrassment, he stops covering his nose and proceeds to eat the rest of the fruit — while presumably holding his breath.

Reactions: It is unclear where and when exactly the video was filmed took place. Still, the boy’s method of eating durian — a fruit known for its powerful, pungent odor — quickly sparked amusement from many who found his “struggle” to be way too relatable.
“I did the same thing my first time, but now I can eat durian without covering my nose,” one social media user wrote, as per Vietnamese news outlet SAOstar.
Another commented, “This was just like me when my mom first bought me durian. I covered my nose and had distorted facial expressions. Now, I can eat durian all the time.”
“Everyone has their own way of getting used to it,” another replied, according to Thai news outlet Sanook.
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