Watch: TikToker attempts to eat 10 durians at AYCE durian buffet in Singapore

Watch: TikToker attempts to eat 10 durians at AYCE durian buffet in Singapore
via @uncoversixtyfive
Iris Jung
January 4, 2023
A TikToker shared a video of their visit to an all-you-can-eat durian buffet in Singapore.
According to the video from Singaporean travel guide Uncover 65 (@unconversixtyfive), the hour-long buffet at Lexus Durian King costs 38.80 Singapore dollars (approximately $29) per adult and 15 Singapore dollars (approximately $11) per child under 12. The establishment also offers free coconut water during the customer’s visit. With unlimited access to Mao Shan Wang for an hour, durian-lovers can eat to their heart’s content.
Before he begins, the host confidently states a goal of consuming 10 durians. “Definitely I can eat 10 durians. Maybe 20,” he exclaims in excitement. However, the man is taken aback once seeing the size of the first fruit.
Although the host breezes past the first 10 minutes, the fruit quickly begins to overpower him before the 20-minute mark. 
“I always thought I could eat a lot, and I’m right,” he states in an attempt to encourage himself, but the next bite proves to be too much.
Through much pain, the host attempts to continue his durian buffet, but gives up with 30 minutes to spare.
“I challenge any of you to eat 10. Any of you. If you can do it, I’ll pay for you,” the man says with a look of exhaustion. 
A long way from his goal, the host only managed to eat about two durians. 
Receiving over 119,000 views, TikTok users shared their take in the comments.
“Shouldn’t eat too much … can cast serious digestion problem which I had to witness,” one user said.
“Only challenge here is if they’re able to keep up with the speed I’m eating,” another user commented confidently.
Dubbed the “king of fruit” and known for its pungent aroma, durian has multiple purported health benefits, including regulating blood pressure, bone health, boosting energy and aiding sleep. 
However, as the first comment implies, there are consequences for excessive consumption of the sugary fruit. Some side effects include stomach discomdfort, vomiting, shortness of breath, gas and diarrhea. 
Last month, durian sellers saw record drops in prices, with the prices of some varieties of the fruit dropping by 50 percent. However, prices are expected to rise once more after a couple of weeks.

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