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Iris Shim’s horror flick ‘Umma’ is a love letter to her mom

Sandra Oh in Iris Shim's "Umma"
  • Just in time for Women’s History Month, Sandra Oh transforms into yet another supernatural creature in a heartfelt effort to humanize Asian moms on the silver screen.
  • “Umma” is writer-director Iris Shim’s feature debut, starring Oh as a beekeeper whose quaint life with her daughter (Fivel Stewart) is interrupted by the death of her mom. 
  • Shim and Stewart sat down with NextShark to talk about the film’s use of horror genre elements and its distinctly Korean American feel to shed an empathetic light on mother-daughter relationships and the universal fear of turning into our parents.

This Women’s History Month, Sandra Oh transforms into not one but two supernatural creatures in an effort to humanize Asian moms on the silver screen, showing us there is room for nuance amid Hollywood’s growing interest in Asian American stories.

“Umma” is writer-director Iris Shim’s feature debut, starring Oh as Amanda, a beekeeper whose quaint American farm life with her daughter Chris (Fivel Stewart) is interrupted by the death of her mom (MeeWha Alana Lee), or umma. While grappling with both the loss of her estranged, abusive mother from South Korea and Chris’ growing interest in leaving home for college, Amanda becomes haunted by the fear that she herself is becoming her umma.

Lunar New Years past and present: how rice cake soup cured my holiday dread

Korean Lunar New Year Seollal Tteokguk

Heading into the first couple months of the new year, all holiday-induced stress and winter sales jingles begin to wind down. Any empty hype around self-deluding resolutions makes way for the work we decide matters enough to us to actually do it. And the peppermint-infused holiday spirit dissipates into the gray mornings of January. Until the first new moon when local Asian markets suddenly get a bit busier.

Lunar New Years of the past

Apple TV Plus releases first look at ‘Pachinko,’ starring Youn Yuh Jung and based on Min Jin Lee novel

Pachinko Adaptation First Look
  • Apple TV Plus has shared first-look images and announced the premiere date for its highly anticipated drama interpretation of the New York Times bestseller “Pachinko.”
  • The first three episodes of the eight-part miniseries are scheduled to debut in March.
  • “Pachinko” follows the story of a multigenerational family displaced during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

Apple TV Plus announced the global premiere date for its highly anticipated drama series adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s “Pachinko,” which is set to premiere on March 25.

The backstory

Infographic: Your favorite ‘Korean’ food may not even be Korean, according to a survey

Korean Food Hansik Survey
  • The Korean Food Promotion Institute (KFPI) conducted a survey asking Koreans whether they considered certain globally popular foods to be Korean or not.
  • The results revealed that among those foods, a majority of respondents did not consider fried chicken to be Korean.
  • The survey follows a previous KFPI survey in which fried chicken was deemed a favorite “Korean” food item among international respondents.

Earlier this week, the Korean Food Promotion Institute (KFPI) released the results of a national survey conducted in the fall, asking Koreans which of the most globally popular “Korean” foods they actually consider to be Korean.

Authenticity survey

Netflix releases trailer for docuseries ‘Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream.’

Midnight Asia Trailer
  • Netflix Philippines released a trailer for the streaming platform’s upcoming “Midnight Asia” docuseries, which explores the vibrant underground nightlife of six “megacities”.
  • The six-episode series features the intimate stories of various city dwellers who highlight the unique subcultures spanning across the continent.
  • ‘Midnight Asia’ is slated for a Jan. 20, 2022 release date.

The trailer for Netflix’s upcoming docuseries ‘Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream.’ was released on Dec. 23, giving audiences a sneak peek at the rich nightlife of six major Asian metropolises.

The series was previously announced by the streaming platform on Dec. 14 in a statement written by Original Documentary Programming Manager Aloke Devichand. It aims to feature the cities’ different food, drink and music scenes, as well as the “night owls who shine in the dark,” on the basis that nighttime highlights the cities’ most “playful” sides.

‘The opposite of cancel culture’: Final Bow for Yellowface helps update a Christmas tradition

Final Bow for Yellowface

Seemingly part of every dancer’s upbringing and end-of-year routine, “The Nutcracker” is a ballet interpreted annually by local schools and esteemed companies across the globe. With its melting pot of a second act, there is perhaps no more iconic American Christmas tradition. Audiences are taken to a land of sweets where they are greeted by fantastical creatures, both imagined and “real” — from dancing flowers and a towering Mother Ginger to Chinese tea and Arabian coffee treats.

Ballet as an art form has existed for centuries and is frequently criticized in present-day for its outdated orientalist themes, including “Nutcracker”’s depiction of Asians and other exoticized ethnic groups. Final Bow for Yellowface is an organization of ballet lovers in its fifth year of consulting with major companies and artists to replace a historical reliance on racial stereotypes with multiculturalism, reminding us that every production is an active choice to either preserve or evolve a beloved holiday tradition.

YourFappeningblog – What is the Fappening Blog?

First off, let’s get the terminology out of the way. If you’re not familiar with what “fappening” means, it’s an activity where people expose themselves to one another for fun or for voyeurism. A Fappening blog is an online community where members post sexy pictures of themselves and their partners.

The Fappening Blog

The Fappening Blog is a great site for fans who want to see leaked celebrity photos. It features thousands of pictures and videos of celebrities in sexy outfits and doing the deed. However, it’s important to note that the pictures and videos are not always of high quality, as they’re often self-shot or from home-made photoshoots.